• Mobile center of  management
  • Trainer-call-function
  • Location-independent training support 
  • Access to all data
  • Strong trainers´ presence in the training area




Your Mobile Manager for Training

The mobilePOINT is the mobile management center of the software. Via the mobilePOINT, trainers are available for custumors via trainer-call-function at all times.

Via a mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet etc.), trainers have unrestricted access to the master data and training data of customers. Training plans can be created and edited right in the training area with the mobilePOINT. The access of the exercise catalog and the option to apply templates of training plan and parameters is a given. Through the use of the mobilePOINT, the trainer´s time at a desk is reduced - trainers can be present in the training area as a contact person for studio users.

Advantages for Customers

  • Constant availability of trainers thanks to trainer-call-function
  • Customers feel well supported in the training area
  • Better support due to direct and easy communication with trainers

Advantages for Trainers

  • Access to customer details in the training area enables personal contact 
  • Better support due to access to training plans and customer rights in the training area  
  • Reduction of time spent on the trainer-computer
  • Reduced walking distances between training area and trainer-computer
  • Direct contact person for studio users in the training area
  • Training plans can be adapted at home or during personal training 

Advantages for Studio Owners

  • Low fluctuation due to motivated and well supported customers
  • Strong customer loyalty due to direct customer approach
  • Quick assistance with training-related questions
  • Strong trainers´ presence in the training area
    Enterprise Professional Standard
General Usage Reception of customer´s trainer calls (with customer portrait) from the servicePOINT, exercisePOINT and groupPOINT
  Reception of customer´s trainer calls (with customer portrait) from the workoutPOINT
Customer Data Viewing and editing of customer master data
  Viewing and editing of customer rights
Training Viewing and editing of training plans
  Application of cycle, training plan and parameter templates
  Access to entire exercise catalog
  Adding and deleting exercises in training plans
  Already completed exercises can be enabled for training again
  Extension/Editing of current training plans and training cycles
Monitoring Display of currently training customers at exercise machines
  Display of currently training customers at userPOINTs

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