• Virtual trainer for free exercises
  • Easy monitoring through digitalization of data
  • Increased safety through constant training support
  • Overview of all exercises
  • Reduced administrative expenses





Your Trainer for Free Exercises

At the exercisePOINT, various exercises (Dumbbell, stretching, strengthening and  Thera-Band exercises) can be performed with a virtual trainer. These exercises can be dokumented afterwards at the terminal. This way, „Paper-warfare” and „Paper chases” belong to the past.

Advantages for Customers

  • Easy and intuitive handling 
  • Training without "paper chase"
  • Increased support and safety in training
  • Training more independently
  • Documentation of free exercises
  • Increased motivation through regular success notifications

Advantages for Trainers

  • Control over the customer´s training - even over free exercises 
  • Modification of training plans right in the training area 
  • Trainers are supported through automatic dynamization of the training plan
  • Extensive exercise catalog with pictures, descriptions and videos  
  • Extension of the exercise catalog with individual, free exercises 

Advantages for Studio Owners

  • Low fluctuation through guaranteed support (including support in free exercises)
  • Stronger bond through motivated customers
  • Individual support - adjusted to the customer´s performance and abilities
  • Refinancing possible via integrated advertisements 
  • Reduction of administrative expenses
  • Modular design ensures sustainability
    Enterprise Professional Standard
General Usage Handling via touchscreen
  Refinancing via advertisement
Training Plans Choice between several training plans
  Overview of current status of exercises in the training plan
  Information about the exercises (execution and adjustment of the machine) through pictures, texts or videos
  Adjustment of training plans right at the exercisePOINT
  Integration and documentation of free exercises and outdoor exercises
  Choice between several operating modes (exercises at machines/free exercises)
  Exercise catalog is freely expandable
  Guided training with parametarization of speed (via video and moving bars)
Messages E-Mail-functional intranet (receiving)