• All training components at a glance
  • Optimized capacity utilization of trainers and the studio
  • Success-oriented support of customers’ training
  • Management of internal processes
  • Simplifiying the studio routine



Your Manager for Training

The trainerPOINT is the software’s center of management. At this POINT, trainers are able to add customer’s data, create training plans, document the customer’s perfomance and health and read about their personal development.

By means of statistics and analysis, the studio owner has an extensive overview of training, the trainers’ activities and the studio utilization.

Advantages for Trainers

  • Automatic adjustments of training plans
  • Extensive exercise catalog with pictures, descriptions and videos 
  • Improved support and safety in training 
  • Extensive analyses and documentation
  • Support thanks to routine and control tasks
  • Extension of the exercise catalog with individual exercises
  • Authorization system to retrieve information depending on user rights (general access to required information if it is intended for the respective user)

Advantages for Studio Owners

  • Strong customer loyalty due to transparency of performance development
  • Determining customers’ satisfaction via surveys 
  • Efficient staff deployment
  • Modular design ensures future sustainability
  • Improved quality of support
  • Takeover of routine and control tasks
  • Low fluctuation due to motivated staff 
  • Authorization system to retrieve information depending on requirements and access authorization
  • Statistical evaluation of customer and studio data (Age structure, device utilization, peak times etc.)
  • Improved resource exploitation because of scheduling and task planning within the system
  • Strong customer loyalty and low fluctuation due to motivated and well-supported customers
  • Efficient management of staff and customer base
  • Detailed collection of anamnesis and health data
  • Easy and quick creation of training plans based on templates
  • Online monitoring – Real time overview of training 
  • Detailed information about the customer’s performance development
  • Efficient success-oriented customers’ support
    Enterprise Professional Standard
General Usage Creation of new customers via various wizards
Customer Details Gather all relevant customer details
Anamnesis Befundaufnahme über Assistenten mit individuell anpassbaren Inhalten
Health Aufnahme von Gesundheitstests (also with a.. Assistenten)
Performance Test Test planning on the basis of templates
Training Training planning in macro-, meso- und microcycles
  Training can be planned or parametarized manually or on the basis of templates
  The order of training plans or exercises can be determined individually
  Automatic dynamization of exercises
Documentation Documentation of health and performance tests (incl. multiple print variants)
  Training documentation (incl. multiple print variants of training plans)
Monitoring Display of free and occupied machines
  Display of customers and their training activity at the machine
Consultant Individual consultant rights (controlled access rights - users see what is relevant and permitted for them)
Practice Exercise catalog with over 700 exercises
  Easy integration of new/individual exercises (Descriptions and pictures via wizard/assistent)
  Renaming and adjusting machine and exercise names as well as their descriptions
Communication E-Mail-Functionality Intranet (sending and receiving)
  Messages can be send to every customer and every workoutPOINT
  Appointment and task management (referring to the aktivSYSTEM)
  Task management with the possibility to assign tasks
  Automatic task creation and warning message from the system (e.g. expiring training plans)
  Automatic warning message in case of a longer absence of the training customer
  The option of surveys and evaluation
Templates Creation of training and test plans based on templates
Statistics Statistical longitudinal and cross-sectional evaluations
  Statistical evaluations of customers, anamnesis and health and performance tests
  Statistical evaluation of studio and training data
Messages Set of rules for automated message creation (Customer loyalty)