• Tool to control and document outdoor-exercises
  • Documentation of outdoor-exercises thanks to the/a workout diary and a  dank Trainingstagebuch & Bewegungsprofil
  • Control over training even with activities outside of the studio


The outdoorPOINT enables trainers to support their customers even outside of the studio. He can create training plans for activites (Running, cycling, swimming, etc.) which the customer can carry out outside of the studio. The outdoorPOINT allows the customer to fill their workout diary with activities like soccer practice, hiking trips etc.

Advantages for Customers

  • Easy and intuitive handling
  • Better support and safety during training
  • Documentation of outdoor-exercises
  • Higher motivation through regular success notifications

Advantages for Trainers

  • Control over training activities outside of the studio
  • Modification of training plans right in the training area
  • Individual support adjusted to the customer´s level of performance

Advantages for Studio Owners

  • Low fluctuation due to guaranteed supervision of activities outside of the studio
  • Strong customer loyalty through motivated customers
  • Possibility of refinancing via integrated advertisements 
  • Modular design ensures future sustainability
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Allgemein Bedienung mittels Touchscreen-Monitor
Outdoorplan Auswahlmöglichkeit zwischen mehreren Outdoorplänen
  Überblick über den aktuellen Status der Übungen im Trainingsplan
  Veränderung des Trainingsplans direkt am outdoorPOINT
Sonstige Einsatz von Werbung – Refinanzierungsmöglichkeit
  Integration und Dokumentation von Aktivitäten außerhalb des Studios
Nachrichten E-Mail-Funktionalität Intranet (empfangen)