• Constant access to training data
  • Easy access to information and course booking thanks to online accessibility
  • Guided training - Suggestions regarding speed of movement and exersice duration when the exercises are performed



Your mobile coach

The onlinePOINT offers customers location-independent and device-independent access to most central training and studio data.

The onlinePOINT consists of two product components - a training app in the facilitys design and a homepage-plugin that can be designed according to the customers wishes.

Customers have access to trainer-made trainings plans with the training app. They can look at exercises and document their training using their smartphone - anywhere and anytime. This way, the trainer has an overview of the training activity of the customers and can adjust the training plan to their current needs. The app can help to increase motivation to train regularly and, if desired, remind the customer of pending training sessions. 

The guided training system is new and so far exceptional. The app informs users about the motion speed and the remaining duration of the exercise. Furthermore, the app records all training-relevant data like the number of repetitions or the duration of the exercise.

Through the app, trainers can create an extra training plan for workouts at home. This way, customers who, for personal or occupational reasons, cannot visit the studio regularly can be supported as well.

If the facility uses the groupPOINT simultaneously for presentations, administration and course management, the app allows course bookings via smartphones and tablets.

The Homepage-Plugin allows course booking directly via your homepage. The plugin can be adjusted to the design language of the homepage and accesses the aktivSYSTEM database automatically.  This way, your course schedule is always ud-to-date. Data has to be maintained in merely one place. All components of the aktivSYSTEM draw on the same data. You save time and energy. Your customers can book or cancel courses quickly and straightforwardly on the homepage.

Advantages for the Customer

  • Convenient booking of courses via any device 
  • Constant access to training data via app
  • Steady option for communication with a trainer 
  • Online access to training and studio data

Advantages for Studio Owners

  • Central data maintenance reduces administration effort for the course management
  • Improved quality of support service
  • Quick and easy dissemination of information via the internet

Advantages for the Trainer

  • Constant contact with customers
  • Motivated customers because of individual support
    Enterprise Professional Standard
Access to training plans via app Choice between several training plans
  Overview of current status of exercises in the training plan
  Information about exercises (execution and machine settings) through pictures and text
  Adjustment of training plans through the app (if the user meets required rights)
  Documentation of exercises
  Guided training – App guides motion speed and informs about remaining duration of the exercise
Courses Booking of courses via smartphone/tablet or the homepage-plugin
  Central data maintenance garantees up-to-dateness of course offerings and available places
Messages Customers are informed about current events through notifications