• Control over selected weights via sensors
  • Control over range of motion 
  • Control over proper execution of movements 
  • The app functions as a "guide" throughout your training
  • Free training with various visualizations





Your Personal Trainer at the Exercise Machine 

The workoutPOINT functions as your personal trainer at the exercise machine. To facilitate the training, the app provides the customer with information about exercises and settings for exercise machines. The app guides the customer during exercises. It also controls the customers movements based on the training guidelines. The training results will be automatically stored in the central database.

 Advantages for Customers

  • Achieve your goals faster through optimized training control
  • Easy and intuitive handling to facilitate training - espeacially for beginners and elder members
  • Training more independently
  • Automatic documentation of training results
  • Higher motivation through frequent success notifications
  • Information regarding exercises and exercise machine settings via pictures, videos and descriptions
  • Message system to ensure optimal support
  • Training without "paper chase"
  • No waiting time in between exercise sets
  • Get more fun out of training
  • Holistic training (body and soul)

Advantages for Trainers

  • Modification of training plans right at the exercise machine
  • Automatic dynamization of training plans
  • Support through routine and control tasks
  • Improved quality of support
  • Authorization system to retrieve information depending on user rights (general access to required information if it is intended for the respective user)

Advantages for Studio Owners

  • More efficient staff deployment
  • Little advisory effort
  • Modular design ensures future sustainability
  • Improved quality of support
  • Strong customer loyalty through motivated and well-supported customers
  • Individual support of customers adjusted to their level of performance
  • Possibility of refinancing via integrated advertisement
  • Takeover of routine and controll tasks
  • Individual and more efficient support of customers
    Enterprise Professional Standard
Allgemein Touch-screen operated (8 inch display)
Training Greeting the customer by name at the training machine
  Detailed information on the exercise (execution and device setting) via images, text and video
  Determination of the range of motion
  Training with additional weights possible
  Documented training possible without a training plan
  Biofeedback via sensors
  Display of the movement speed (graphic display of setpoint/actual value)
  Change the training plan directly at workoutPOINT
  brainPOINT functionality: memory training during training breaks
Krafttest Detailed display of tests with information on exercise execution and device settings
  Load increase in percent or in weight units (kg)
  The trainer can change the test plan directly at the workoutPOINT
  Various test procedures (isometric/dynamic)
Nachrichten Messages can be received on the device