• Higher efficiency through digitalized training plans 
  • Individual documentation with the workout diary
  • Quick way of communication for your customers
  • Improved support service thanks to transparent performance standards
  • Higher customer satisfaction because of stronger customer loyalty




Your Consultant in the Training Area 

Training plans, workout diaries and information about individual exercises can be accessed at the servicePOINT. The servicePOINT serves also as a communication center to receive and send messages. Extensive documentation of data illustrates the level and development of the customer´s performance.

 Advantages for Customers

  • Easy and intuitive handling
  • Improved support and safety during training 
  • Higher motivation through constant documentation of the training development 
  • Detailed information about perfomance development 
  • Illustrative, readily understandable information regarding exercises and device settings through pictures, videos and descriptions
  • Extensive analyses and documentations 
  • Messaging system for optimized support

Advantages for the Trainer

  • Modification of the training plan right in the training area
  • Automatic dynamization of the training plan
  • Extensive exercise catalog with pictures, descriptions and videos
  • Improvement of support service 
  • Extensive analyses and documentations

Advantages for Studio Owners

  • Stronger customer loyalty through transparency of the performance development  
  • Determination of customer satisfaction through a survey system
  • Refinancing by integrating advertisement
  • Efficient use of the staff
  • Low consultation effort because of improved support service
  • Modular design ensures sustainability
    Enterprise Professional Standard
General Usage Handling via touchscreen
  Communication with workoutPOINT
  Refinancing via advertisement
Training Plans Choice between several training plans
  Overview of current status of exercises in the training plan
  Detailed information about the exercises through pictures, texts or videos
  Autonomous creation of training plans by the customer
Documentation Training performance regarding strength
  Training performance regarding endurance
  Distribution of training at strength and endurance machines
  Training distribution at strength machines
  Training distribution at endurance machines
Messages E-Mail-Functionality Intranet (sending and receiving)