• Automatic storage of training results 
  • Training without paper chase
  • Monitoring in real time
  • Guaranteed up-to-dateness of all exercise machines/POINTS because of automatic updates


The Software´s Center

The aktivSYSTEM is a data and network-based software solution. The serverPOINT is the software´s foundation. It is the central switching point and supplies all other POINTS with the required data. The serverPOINT is the prerequisite for the aktivSYSTEMs.

Advantages of a Network-based Software

  • Automatic storage of training results
  • No storage media necessary
  • Contactless identification at the exercise machines without a chipcard - No wear and tear
  • Automatic updates of all exercise machines - all POINTS are always up-to-date
  • Remote maintenance of all exercise machines and all POINTS allows fast and simple assistance
  • Training plans can be modified at all exercise machines and most POINTs (Reduction of lengthly routes)
  • Training without paper chase
  • Real-time monitoring - Trainers can see who is training at which exercise machine
  • It is possible to connect to cardio machines of various manifacturers
  • Individual user interface - users only see what they need
  • Multilingualism - User interface is adjusted to the mother tongue of the user
  • Message transfer to every exercise machine and to every POINT
  • Individual messages can be send to every exercise machine to communicate with the user
  • A trainer-call-function is available at every exercise machine