• Overview of all courses
  • Easy login
  • Possibility to give feedback on courses and trainers
  • Control over individual courses
  • Analyses to constantly improve course offerings





Your manager for training in a course

The groupPOINT is the center of the course management. Customers can access information regarding the course offering, register for courses and assess trainers and courses via this point. The trainer of the course knows about the number of course participants, can introduce content and can create bills. The owner of the studio can create the bills for his trainers as well. The owner also receives detailed information about course capacity, feedback on courses etc. 

Advantages for Customers

  • Quick and informative overview of the course offering
  • It is possible to assess trainers of courses and the course offering
  • Overview of the number of course participants
  • Changes of course plans are immediately retrievable 

Advantages for Trainers

  • Information platform for self-created course offerings
  • Customers` feedback allows overview of own perfomance 
  • Overview of the number of course participants allows improved course preparation

Advantages for Studio Owners

  • The option to give feedback allows to improve the offering and, therefore, to improve customer loyalty
  • Possibility to bill the course trainer according to number of participants
  • Statistical evaluation of course utilization
    Enterprise Professional Standard
General Usage Management of course offering
  Attendance check of course participants
  Customers can book courses
  Immediate assessment of courses and trainers
  Assessment of trainer performance according to number of coourse participants and customer feedback
  Payment of trainers´ performance (according to number of course participants or other characteristics)
  Immediate integration of course activity into training plans