• Assistant for strength diagnostics
  • Individual analyses of performance and physical workload
  • Force measurements right at the exercise machine 
  • Higher efficiency and better utilization
  • Medical aspects included in training process 



Your Assistant for Force Measurements

The forcePOINT is the assistant for force measurements at the exercise machine.
Isometric force measurements can be done at this POINT to diagnose lacks of strength, muscular imbalances and coordinative discrepancies. The forcePOINT also enables a guided static strength training.

Advantages for Customers

  • Achieve fitness goals faster through individual workload analyses and guidelines
  • Diagnosis of muscular deficits 
  • Force measurements during training 

Advantages for Trainers

  • Exact isometric force measurements at regular strenght machines
  • Time savings through force measurements during training
  • More efficient creation of training plans based on these test results   

Advantages for Studio Owners

  • Low costs due to multiple use of the strength machines (Testing and training at one machine replace the purchase of costly test equipment) 
  • Modular design ensures sustainability (forcePOINT can be updated easily at any strength machine)
  • Additional revenue through force measurements
  • Medical oriented positioning in the market 
    Enterprise Professional Standard
General Usage Recording of force measurement curves via strain gauges
  Retrofittable for any strength equipment with weight plates and the workoutPOINT
  Direct integration of testing into the current training plan
  Direct recording of measured values in the system without interface problems or additional test devices
Tests Isometric force measurement
  Maximum strength determination in various variants
  Graphic display of force measurement curves also in the trainerPOINT
Strength Training Isometric force measurement
  Force measurement (recording) parallel to regular training
Documentation Display of individual force curves over any period of time