• Tool for intelligent and goal-oriented endurance training
  • Automatic adjustment of exercise load
  • Enables creating extensive performance profils for later evaluation




Intelligent Cardio Training

For you, doesn´t endurance training mean to just get over with preprogrammed sessions, while your customers watch their favorite TV-Shows? You don´t just set the time and that´s it?

Do you place more value on individual creation and planning of training - depending on your customers performance and abilities? If that is the case, aktivCARDIO is the product with which you can recognize your ideas of useful and goal-oriented endurance training. 

Put together the programs and decide on the amount of load levels and define the exercise load on every level.

Choose the regulation type during training. The following types of regulation are available for you: Watt, Heart rate, Rotational speed and Level. On the treadmill, you can create training programs depending on speed (incl. slope). 

Because the aktivSYSTEM stores all training-related data, there is an extensive perfomance profile avaiable . The aktivCARDIO app is further equipped with a function that automatically adapts the exercise load. This way, there is nothing standing in the way of a long-term plan for endurance training.
aktivCARDIO is a great alternative for all endurance enthusiasts!

    Enterprise Professional Standard
Components Cockpit: workoutPOINT CARDIO (aktivKONZETPE)
  Motion 800 series (EMOTION FITNESS)
  Software: aktivSYSTEM (aktivKONZEPTE)
Login Transponder
Control Types Watt program (multi-stage profiles definable)
  Heart rate program (multi-stage profiles definable)
  Revolution controlled program (isokinetic mode)
  Level program (multi-level profiles definable)
  Dynamic modification option (automatic adjustment of the training plan depending on the training performance)
  Treadmill: speed program incl. slope (multi-stage profiles definable)
  Treadmill: Heart rate program (multi-stage profiles definable)
Handling/Other Training parameters can be changed directly at the machine (transfer changes to the training plan)
  Consistent user interface (for power and cardio equipment)
  Message reception possible
  Display of following exercises in the training plan after finished exercise