• Constant access to course and setup data 
  • Easy access to information/booking of courses thanks to online connection
  • Marketing tool for the facility


Your Mobile Coach

The onlinePOINT offers access to essential course and studio-data to customers independend of their locaion or their terminal device.

The onlinePOINT consists of two product components: An app, consistent with the studio design and a customizable homepage-plugin.


Adapt to the state of the art and promote your facility with your own app. Present the best and always up-to-date side of your facility. The app allows you to keep your customers informed about innovations of the studio. Describe your range of services in a clear and impressive way. You could do so by promoting your current courses via the app. This way, your customers can catch up on current course hours and contents. Deposit descriptions, pictures etc. A course has been cancelled today? No Problem! Your customers will be informed right away via notifications!

The integrated galerie allows you to present the best side of your facility. You can present your offerings with pictures and descriptions and emphasize your professional market orientation.

General information about the studio, the course offering, news and the gallery are not yet enough? MyStudio offers a flexible solution! Create new entries and design them according to your liking.

Your customers can download the app for free!

The Homepage-Plugin allows course booking directly via your homepage. The plugin can be adjusted to the design language of the homepage and accesses the aktivSYSTEM database automatically.  This way, your course schedule is always up-to-date. Data has to be maintained in merely one place. All components of the aktivSYSTEM draw on the same data. You save time and energy. Your customers can book or cancel courses quickly and straightforwardly via the homepage.

Advantages for Customers

  • Convinient booking of courses via any device 
  • Constant access to training data via app
  • Steady option for communication with a trainer 
  • Online access to training and studio data

Advantages for Studio Owners

  • Central data maintenance reduces administration effort for the course management
  • Improved quality of support service
  • Quick and easy dissemination of information via the internet

Advantages for Trainers

  • Constant contact with customers
  • Motivated customers because of individual support