• Membership administration
  • Contract administration
  • Course-management
  • Payment transactions
  • Cash system
  • Checkin/Checkout




Your Administration Manager

The businessPOINT is the software´s center of management. Agreements are registered and administered, cash sales are made and transactions are managed at this POINT. Furthermore, the businessPOINT provides a tool to manage courses and plan resources and rooms. 

Membership and Contract Administration

  • Register and edit memberships
  • Create and edit invoices
  • Document-management (Contracts/Confirmations)
  • Creation of contract templates and form letters


  • Creating, editing, deleting and activating courses
  • Waiting lists incl. notifications of vacant spaces
  • Export function of lists of participants
  • Administration of sports facilities and rooms (incl. booking plan in calendar view)
  • Control over registrations for user groups and registration periods
  • Administration of course instructors


  • Claim-management
  • Export of bookings in DTAUS, CSV, XML and SEPA
  • Validiation of account information

Cash System

  • Booking of additional items
  • Rental and letting of sports facilities, lockers, etc.
  • Cash payment


  • Control over access systems (Turnstiles, door locks etc.)


  • Statistical evaluation of 
    • Contracts and contact completions
    • Revenues of course balances 
    • Revenues
    • Sales etc.